What Is Love? Don't Cry For Me, My Love!

With A Boy Umbrella, I wait…wait within the Elements



Old Man With A Red Boy 1904 Umbrella Waiting In The Snow

My love, take your time

I am not yet old  


maybe I am a little old but not too old

I think

So, take your time my love


I wait on this road end

Where you come must be the start

My love, I guess you will wear your red dress

Red really looks amazing on you

I am telling you, my love

I remember, your first red dress

Oh, don’t laugh at me

I know you have many of them

But for me, the first time I saw you is the first of you


You are beautiful my love

You are still beautiful I know

After all these years since 1904


I used to count the days you are away

I used to, I mean it

But my love, my memory gets bad

I know you won’t tease me

I know that

You will come back I knew it

So I wait here, waiting to see your red dress


Oh, my! Forgive me my love

I can’t think about your face now

How could I not to blame my poor memory?


Don’t worry about me, my love

Though the road ahead is 20 miles long

I can figure you the instance you stand on this road home

It’s not confidence my love

It’s you! You make me see the eternal 

Every time I feel, I felt you, my love

Red Umbrella From Boy 1904 Umbrella, Gernay

Have you see the spring?

It falls on me, on my umbrella

Oh my love

My umbrella scents your fragrance


Remember our first blossom?

You must

Your smile over the back yard

It was that little purple rosemary

Carving your child smile deep in my heart.


My love, spring gone and came

But you are never gone in my heart

I am afraid

And I fear the fear

Do I have to let go of you?

So in the end you can finally come back on the road home?



No, I won’t let you go and for the most

I couldn’t let go of you

I guess I can still wait, my love

Snow getting heavy these years

I love the snow

My red umbrella now can be easily seen to you


My love, take your time

Elements white me, but I got my umbrella over my shoulders

Shush… you won’t see my gray hair, I promise


I am still your boy, my love

Red is my only rose for you

I am here waiting

Waiting for you

My love!



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