Why There Is No Men’s Day?

Why There Is No Men’s Day?


OK OK~ Annual International Women’s Day is coming right after the Oscar Award 2018 sensation. Men are busy with choosing a never repeating but actually thoughtless gift for their women.

Women? Years or centuries ago might feel adored and satisfied with such a scene of “Importance”. But today, most of the women disagree with the “Fake Ceremonial” adoration day.

Why? There is no Men’s Day is the reason why.

Do you guys still hold the belief that women has to be protected by men and supported by husband? Wrong! Ridiculously wrong my fellow ladies! Those “Special Treatment” such as Women’s Day should not be welcomed any more. We don’t need men’s sugars to play a well behaved “Kiddy-Women” role. We make our sugars ourselves.

Women can hold their own umbrellas to battle the storms. Women can work to meet all their material needs. Women can support a happy family even better than men could. Women can and are already doing more than all the human-beings can possibly imagine. We bought our own GIFT any day we feel like to.


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a God-born woman in possession of human nature, must be in want of a man. Nowadays we are able to say vice verse: Every man is also in desperate need of a woman to complete himself.  

Women’s Day or Queen’s Day, fine with us any day! Please, just please stop to purposely stress the date playing a worldly drama on 8th March. Thanks!

Women care and respect men daily, so we never invent a Men’s Day to show the world our care. Deep love flows, not a pop out alert.


Turn off your Women’s Day alert, stop being a Drama Joker. Start to show your affection this moment. Everyday is Men’s Day, so does Women’s Day & Valentine. Live this moment fully. 

BTY, I got a large canopy from Boy1904 Umbrella the other day, and now I am doing the holding umbrella job for my husband. Cherish and mutual support. We can both become stronger.

Happy Women's Day, moreover Happy Every Day!)



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