What kind of umbrella you choose will tell the level of narcissism you have achieved. Ultra-accurate!

What kind of umbrella you choose will tell the level of narcissism you have achieved. Ultra-accurate!


We cannot all be Captains. There always got some people to be crews. However, each of us does its part, regardless of the occupation features. We all have to complete our providential missions this life.

Captain America

We tend to think that we are the best sometimes. Narcissistic women, they never pay attention to the real motives of others because they only have their own sadness and troubles in concern. They talk to others, either to share pain or to show off their happiness. When it comes to the other person to talk to her, her expression is quite impatient. Want to know the level of narcissism in you? Try the following test.

Mona Lisa Taking Narcissistic Selfies

Scene: Sudden heavy rain on the way to work, you rush into a convenience store for an umbrella "emergency".  

Question: There are four umbrellas in front of you. Which one would you buy?

  1. Animal pattern umbrella

rabbit pattern umbrella black

  1. Dot pattern umbrella

Raindrops pattern umbrella pink

  1. Compact umbrella

automatic mini compact travel umbrella

  1. Pure color umbrella

mini sun protection umbrella yellow

Test answer:

  1. The person who chooses the Animal pattern. Knowing that appearance is not your superiority. You belong to the cute type of girls, optimistic and cheerful personality, full of affinity. There are always many people love to talk with you on any occasions. You are also a person who dare to hate and love. People likes to be with you for you never pretend your feelings. You have the nature to make people around feel happy and relaxed. Even if you are not a beauty type, you still have lots of friends.


  1. The one who chooses the Dot pattern umbrella. You have great confidence in your appearance, but you are not narcissistic. You are somewhat lonely and self-conceited, thinking that no one may truly appreciate your uniqueness and strength. Therefore, once you lose your love, you will be insane. Because you can't accept the fact that others have abandoned you. You easily become cynical, and hold no illusions about love there after.


  1. Person who chooses the Folding umbrella. It represents that you are confident and good at flirting with people around you. Feeling luck to enjoy God’s bless with super beauty on you. With high level of narcissism, you tend to indulge in love affairs, stimulating fresh passions and lust chasing. You are good but some times it is better to lower your profile and pay more attention to things other than love.


  1. The person who chooses the Pure color umbrella gets the highest narcissism score. You use about 90% of the time to check yourself in the mirror every day. Even if it’s a pool of water which reflects your appearance, you will look at it with appreciation. Believe in that your life partner should be a magic mirror and be with you all the time.


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