Top 3 Valentine's Day Gift Options For Couples

Top 3 Valentine's Day Gift Options For Couples


Life can be long and dreary for most of us. It is high time to create a life precious and memorable NOW. How? Simply live with a Sense of Ritual on those special days.

Valentine makes the best opportunity starting your change to a happier life and relationship. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a happy couple in possession everyday laughter, must be an expert in gifting. Gifting is nothing about cost of money but the right package right timing. It is a knowledge learnt by heart and soul with ever changing interpretation.

Here to share the top 3 newest gifting ideas collected from those happy couples.

1. By Momgie from New Jersey, Momgieand her husband celebrated 24 Valentines together already. Because of heavy work, they seldom got lots of time together. But every Valentine’s Day they take a day off cuddling on the sofa enjoy a box of chocolate together. They told us this is the most romantic way to spend those snowy afternoons!

Sweetness Recommendation from Mamgie:

Assorted Truffes ($54.00)from Teuscher,

2. By Stuart Tomlin from London, Stuart and his girlfriend Sarah met on a rainy day. Actually it is quite normal to encounter damp weather in London. Last year Stuart bought Sarah they first Valentine gift—- A pair of Couple umbrellas. Sarah said to us: “Tommy bought me many gifts but this umbrella accompanied me all the time. It sounds silly but I feel safe and protected on all those gloomy days.”

Protection Recommendation from Stuart and Sarah:

Couple Umbrellas ($74.99) from boy, 

3.By Sergio M. from Italy, “Antique type, hope our love can stand to the time like this Pocket watch. This Valentine is our tenth anniversary, can’t wait to see my fiancée. We willmarryin Oct. Lara babe I love you!” Sergio told us with crazy excitement.

Togetherness Recommendation from Sergio:

Pocket Watch ($4,759) from Rolex,

What makes a good gift? Weaving love and your story carefully into something you both resonate to. Gift stock-still, it is your sincere heart which streams eternity.

Welcome to share your unique love story on this Valentine’s Day!


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