Mr Umbrella—-Max Wang

Mr Umbrella—-Max Wang


Max Wang is a premium Umbrella Designer in the world. "Mr. Umbrella" people within the umbrella circle affectionately call him.


Max is a graduate of University of Rostock (German’s Engineering Paradise), where he was majored in Mechanical Engineering.


Max is crazy about Physics and reputed to have boyish curiosity about every life. He always tell his company and friends that “Everyone is a artist born. The only thing you need, is to open your eyes, sharp your ears to the vivid world. God is showing us all the intelligence in the nature and people are a part of the nature as well as the intelligence”

Max Joined B&S (German’s No.1 Umbrella Company) in 1976 and put all his wisdom & passion into umbrella Innovation.


As a man behind the scenes, no one else knows umbrella better than him does nowadays. He is the real professor in the umbrella world. You may never heard of him before but there is at least one technique on your umbrella comes from his patents.


Mr Umbrella Knows the Umbrella in every aspects. Profession is powerful to better the umbrella world. Listening to his humorous living philosophy you will finally understand how huge and incredible a grain could be in itself.

“ To Love and To Discover Is What Everyone Should Never Leave Behind. What’s Your Unique Color?” A Question from Mr. Umbrella could Put everyone In a Muse.


Boy launched the philosophy of “Living Palette” in the guidance of Max. His wise interpretation amazed the crowds. “Living Palette is for everyone to Discover & Create Uniqueness in this life!” Do you find your uniqueness yet? Come to boy for an enriched life.


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