Holiday Travel: Your Choice To Be A Movie Star or Hillbilly!

Holiday Travel Must-Haves


Holiday travel can be annoyingly crowded but it is always good to go out with your family on these special holidays. These are 6 must-haves to boost your morale in the crowds. May you be a special someone standing in the crowds.

1. Unexpected rain or sunburn? An umbrella solves all the weather problem while stay stylish and super light to your bag.

    boy Design Floral UV Protection Compact Umbrella, $69.99, available at boy1904

2. A deep tote bag that fits all of your essentials, plus all your snacks, plus the four magazines you picked up at the newsstand. 
   CB Bag, $31,  available at Hansel from Basel.

3. Hide that I-spent-four-hours-rubbing-my-head-against-an-airplane-seat hair with a colorful beanie.

    The Summit Beanie, $20.00, available at stone + cloth.

4. There's no greater satisfaction while traveling than tuning out the crying baby in Row 18 — or your chatty seatmate. And, these noise-isolating headphones do so in a spectacularly chic fashion.

    Caeden The Linea N°1, $149.99, available at Caeden.

5. Couldn't catch some ZZZs in transit? An oversized pair of sunglasses (and some good concealer) will hide those pesky under-eye bags.

    Karen Walker Deep Freeze Sunglasses, $250.00, available at Shopbop.



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