8 umbrella patterns for girls that looks absolutely amazing!

8 umbrella patterns for girls that looks absolutely amazing!



  1. Windmill Cools the Summer Hot

Stripe is reputed to be classic. Common singular stripe is off the street somehow. Windmill shaped by bold red, passion yellow and sky blue is destined to be the most buzzworthy umbrella pattern to show the world some personality.

boy® windmill sun protection mini umbrella

  1. Nature Buds Out

For those nature lovers who would be withered without natural elements. Inspired by seeds bud out into plants and waving into the sky. This umbrella pattern designed with light natural colors for easy and soft mood. Naturalism cures anxiety and troublesome. Girls favorite approved.

boy® natural pattern sun protection travel umbrella

  1. Lilith

Lilith is the name of a beautiful mermaid. Bold and wise, she is expecting for pure love and has a magic ability to see through lies. Honest, brave and kind-hearted Lilith came from an talented artist’s childhood dream. The artist loves Christian Andersen very much but she hates the The Little Mermaid story. She then depicted Lilith as the protagonist who is independent enough to know the nature of love is actually to love yourself first. Lilith umbrella is popular among strong independent girls.

boy® Lilith anti-UV travel umbrella

  1. Butterfly

The spirit of the butterfly is about the ability to go through important changes with grace and lightness.

  • Powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life, personality
  • Moving through different life cycles
  • Renewal, rebirth
  • Lightness of being, playfulness
  • Elevation from earthly matters, tuning into emotional or spiritual
  • The world of the soul, the psyche

Girl, is this what you are chasing after? Butterfly patterned umbrella helps with your deep thinking.

boy®butterfly sun protection compact umbrella

  1. Wide Yellow, More Space For Mind

Yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful. Sometimes it is just great to be empty as long as you’ve got colors on. Less is more for young and energetic girls. Wide Yellow umbrella made to color your life.

boy® yellow sun protection compact umbrella

  1. Miss. Giraffe

Walking alone but beautifully lonely. Miss. Giraffe got the height and ability to dwell herself gracefully this life. Earning your own bread and then it is time to encounter love. Be patient and keeps smiling are tricks to a lucky life. Miss. Giraffe umbrella is best for those searching for independence girls.

boy® Miss. Giraffe sun protection compact umbrella

  1. Constellation

Do you believe in the theory that life was written into constellation? Mysterious yet fun to discover more into the universe. Constellation umbrella satisfies girlish curiosity. Brave your journey on!

boy® constellation sun protection windproof rain umbrella

  1. Fuji Snow

Broad beauty outside everyday life. Break out the routines and dare to be different. Great tolerance to whatever Mother heaven bestows. Fuji Snow umbrella shows your determination and creates a purer world.

boy® Fuji snow windproof anti uv travel umbrella


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