2017 boy Christmas Gifts Guide

2017 boy Christmas Gifts Guide


Christmas gifts can be tricky. No one would like to get the same or similar gift for every year. Luckily, here’s four editor choices for you!

1. boy Waterproof Double Layer Umbrella – These are so hard to come by, who wouldn’t be impressed when this gets unwrapped on the 25th.

Get the lady in your life a floral waterproof double layer umbrella this Christmas.


2. boy Air Waterproof Cane Shape Umbrella Perfect for mums/sisters/elderly relations, everyone loves a good printed umbrella.

Air waterproof cane shape umbrellas are a great Christmas gift ideas for any woman in your life.


3. boy Travel A/O SRS Umbrella- Practical and stylish, a Travel A/O SRS Umbrella is always a winner. Choose one with a gift box would not be wrong for gents.

boy Travel A/O SRS Umbrella make great Christmas gift ideas.


4. boy Travel A/O Maple Handle Umbrella – Maple handle offers comfortable and solid grip. Cane shape perfectly matched Christmas theme. Get the man in your life boy maple handle umbrella.

boy wish you a merry Christmas!


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