108 Umbrellas scientifically tested, these 3 models are true Rain-proo

108 Umbrellas scientifically tested, these 3 models are true Rain-proof


Hello everyone, here is our long-awaited umbrella review! Umbrellas are daily essentials, but will sunscreens weaken the sun? Can an ordinary umbrella protect against sun? Is there an umbrella that is not rugged and durable? Many people still have doubts.

In order to answer these questions and help everyone choose the most satisfying umbrella, we have used the test equipment worth 400,000, bent 108 umbrellas, and used actual data to tell you how to buy a good umbrella.

Crowds holding umbrellas passing trough the zebra crossing

In accordance with the principle of responsibility to everyone, we have selected 108 umbrellas from 56 brands in 10 countries of the market for evaluation. 

Including the classic and best-selling styles of domestic and foreign brands, both the rain umbrella and the rain + sun-protection umbrella are taken into consideration in the use scene, and the folding styles take into account the five-fold umbrella, three-fold umbrella, two-fold umbrella and straight umbrella.

When it comes to umbrellas, the most basic is the ability to prevent rain. So in this article we’ll uncover the top 3 true Rain-proof umbrellas for you.

Some umbrellas’ canopy density is not enough, under heavy rain we can clearly feel the water mist in the umbrella; Others with good waterproof canopy, but suffers severe seepage between joints and umbrella cap.When it comes to heavy rainstorms, rain protection deserves the highest emphasize.


Test tools

Brackets to fix umbrella , water guns, and shooting equipment.

  water spray a red umbrella to test its rain protection ability

Test procedure

  1. Fixthe umbrella on the bracket and the mobile phone is fixed inside the umbrella
  1. Set the amount of water spray and spray on to the umbrella cap as the center, until the umbrella is significantly permeable(“significantly  permeable”means that umbrella caps, ribs, and joints are marked with water seepage to form water droplets, or raindrop forms a water mist on the shelves through the umbrella cloth.)

water seeps into an umbrella between the umbrella caps, ribs, and joints

  1. According to the video, it was determined when the umbrella started to spray water and when there was noticeable water penetration.
  1. Fold back the umbrella , and throw it back and forth 3 times with normal force to record the residue of the raindrops.

shake the umbrella three times to test its water resistance

Test Results

Most umbrellas (79) will be significantly permeable in less than 2 minutes, a few umbrellas (14) can hold 2 ~ 5 minutes, and there are also some (15) excellent players who can hold more than 5 minutes.


Who reached top 3 in waterproof?

No.3 Balios Prestige Travel Umbrella ($22.99) at www.amazon.com 

Balios Prestige Travel Umbrella

No.2 Auto Open Close Umbrella Drops at www.boy1904.com

boy® Auto Open Close Umbrella Drops Pink


No.1 Dark Grey City Gent Defence Umbrella (£115) at www.londonundercover.com

Dark Grey City Gent Stick Umbrella

The above is our Waterproof evaluation of the mainstream 108 umbrellas on the market. The recommended umbrellas have different characteristics. Everyone can choose according to their preferences and needs. If you have any comments, please let us know in the comment area.

Next up we’ll test the portability of the chosen 108 umbrellas. Thanks for attention.




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