How to Protect Yourself from UV?

How Do I Protect Myself from UV?


What’s UV and why it is harmful? UV represents ultraviolet. You may not see or feel it directly but it is burning you all the time. UV damage can be divided into two types: Acute or Chronic. Acute damage of UV-A and UV-B exposure are both short-lived and reversible, such as sunburn and tanning. Chronic damage of UV exposure can be very serious, even life threatening, which includes premature skin aging, immune system suppression, eyes damage and skin cancer. Then “How to protect myself from UV?” Here are some suggestions.

 1. Staying at home

Never go out even on a cloudy day. Live like a vampire would be the best choice. But umum~

Cat hiding under sofa.

 2. Clothed to teeth

Never get yourself exposed to the sunlight, plus the clothes must be thick enough to stop the UV from shooting in.

baby wrapped with thick clothes

 3. Wearing a hat-mask

Hats are in wide use. But never forget those good only for show hats never UV protected actually. FYI: Mask is a must to your beautiful face, also never be recognized wearing an ugly hat. Mask and hat from movie V for Vendetta


 4. Apply sunscreen

Even it’s extremely hot never forget to apply you most expensive sunscreen and always take the bottles with you because the sunscreen can’t last for more than 2 hours. Sunscreen is a gold digger. Sorry for your wallet.UPF 50+ Sunscreen


 5. An UV protected Umbrella

An umbrella easy to take around and sun protected could be a good choice, better if weatherproofed at the same time. Especially for those comfortable- suitors who aren’t willing to waste time, energy and money. 

boy® sun protection travel umbrella

Good luck with your life-long Anti-UV war! I chose the umbrella as my weapon for umbrellas are getting more designs and more travel friendly.


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