Century Developing History on boy® Umbrella

Century Developing History on boy® Umbrella


Auguest, 1904

Bauermann Soehne Co.Ltd was found.

In 1904, German matured after decades of breed in a scientific research atmosphere commenced in the middle 19s. German work tirelessly into scientific research by the never-ending hard work and professional ability. 

August 11th, the German Imperial Army, under Lothar von Trotha, defeat the Herero tribesmen at the Battle of Waterberg. It was the decisive battle in the German campaign against the Herero. The whole nation was filled with energy and eager. 

1904 is a age of ambition. In August 1904, Bauermann Soehne Co.Ltd established in Hilden, and these focus on the quality of Germany, later known as the quality of the foundation of the world.

Later, Bauermann set the first branch in fashion capital---Duesseldorf. First to integrate fashion with tradition in manufacturing. For decades we have lived in a relatively peaceful political environment and have not experienced the terrible war that destroyed the whole nation, and it has created a lot of wisdom that affects our lives and even the survival of our lives.

 Quality of Germany Umbrella Manufacturer


Chief Designer’ Adventure Tour

Mr. Schneider--- Chief designer of Bauermann, started his adventure tour towards the world to search for the Umbrella Muse. He said to the world: “We are not here to make better umbrella, but make umbrella better.”

Mr. Schneider, Chief Designer Of Boy 1904 Umbrella


The birth of boy®

In 1935, Bauermann registered boy as our brand name.

"Affordable Luxury" has been the concept of boy®'s founder.

boy® represents Brave in innovation, Originality in design, Youth in life. The brand written in lower case letters, we wish to deliver to the world “there are a thousand boys in a thousand people's eyes”. Brand should never be a box but a messenger, to express more to our world.

Logo of boy® umbrella


boy® Joined K&R 

In the early 1970’s, Max Wang (the owner of the boy® brand) reputed as Mr. Umbrella, met his later business partner, Rainer Hoffman. They worked together in Taiwan for Bosch Lens Company, and in the work progress, they established a deep friendship and respect for each other's business philosophy. It also laid the foundation for the cooperation of the two men.

At that time, the umbrella industry had three of the most important producers, Bauermann, K & R, and Bremshey, whose brands were boy®, kobold and Knirps.

In 1974, Bremshey (the original owner of the Knirps brand) established a factory in Taiwan. In 1977, Hoffman ended his work at Bosch, joined Bremshey's factory, became the general manager, and at the same time he quickly introduced Max Wang into the factory and appointed him as deputy general manager.

In 1978, Bauermann and K&R formed strategic cooperation.

In 1979, Bremshey was acquired by K & R, when the world's top three umbrella brands (Knirps, Kobold and boy®) were merged.

The three brands sharing and competing, making German umbrella industry ever thriving.

Leadership Of German Umbrella Industry


boy® became the designated umbrella for the Munich Olympics in Germany

In 1972, boy® is the leader of the international umbrella. At that time, it was officially designated umbrella in the German Munich Olympic Games by virtue of the good quality and original design in the industry.

Designers Of Boy 1904 Umbrella


Max Wang introduced boy® into Asian market.

After successfully introduced Kobold into China, in1980. Max Wang and K&R's core members felt the urge of introducing something more youthful and colorful to brighten the umbrella world, so came boy® infusing new blood to make umbrella happier.

Boy Global Flagship Stores

In 2013

boy® extended to E-commerce

Catching up with the world development, boy® made the timely tactic adjustment, spreading its influence to the E-world.

Provide The World With Better Umbrellas


boy® patented umbrella designs

Plastic rivets reinforcement technology

Fishing line fixed umbrella design

Card tenon bead design

Umbrella Innovation and Patents


boy® launched “Living Palette”

From then on boy® set sail on a new journey, setting the theme as “Color Your Life” for the hasty modern men and women.

Boy Color Your Life.


Grand opening on Amazon 

For better service worldwide, boy® entered Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan. 


More to be expected with boy® umbrella...

Marketing network of boy®umbrella


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