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boy® Umbrella Series


According to the sizes of umbrellas, we generally divide umbrellas into two classifications: Walking umbrella and Folding umbrella which include 2 fold , 3 fold , 5 fold (From the long-stick one to the most compact travel friendly section)

As for usage, we’ve got sun protection umbrella (also knows as parasol) , rain umbrella, and fancy party umbrella.

Sizes of different umbrellas

Follow up we’ll introduce you the most Featured Series from boy® umbrella to satisfied each and every customer needs.

1. boy® Travel  

When you travel around, whether it's a new destination or a very familiar place, you can't ignore the possibility of rain. It may be a downpour or a shower, but would always affect your journey. Therefore, you’d better carry a travel umbrella in the bag in case for need.

boy® Travel umbrellas are small, compact, and ultralight. It is an ideal choice for travel bags and briefcases. Powerful and strong, won’t be blown inside out.

Maybe your destination is particularly hot, you need a anti-UV umbrella, you can also find what’s for you in our travel series.Auto open and close pink travel umbrella

2. boy® Designer

How about powering your umbrella with bits of imagination? How to show off your unique taste where everyone else was holding the same boring umbrellas?

From the very inception, boy® umbrella has been dedicating to blend fashion with umbrella designs. Those umbrellas from boy® represents the best combination of life and art.  

Every umbrella in the Designer series possessed with a story. Not only beautiful patterns, but also concepts, attitudes and yearnings.

Designer series is the core value of boy® brand. Our designers gave each umbrella its unique connotation and soul. User can easily appreciate the value beyond the function.

Everyone has a different life, and your life should be more poetic.Best designer folding umbrella sunflower

3. boy® UV Protection

In the hot summer days, going out with a sun umbrella (also known as UV protection umbrella) already became a common sense of most ladies.

When the skin is exposed to excessive UV light, epidermal cells will be damaged. Ultraviolet rays will also damage the cornea, crystals and retina of the eye. It will also reduce the physical resistance of the hair, makes it easily split and fracture.

It is especially important to choose a good quality sun protection umbrella. The fabrics used for boy® UV Protection umbrella series had undergone rigorous testings to meet UPF index of 50+ (ie: UV transmission is less than 1/50), which effectively protects the skin from UV rays. And our patented technology is used for smooth pull/push and safe No Button switch.

Sun protection coatings are available in black and color, as well as clear UV coatings.

To learn more about umbrellas, check out our blogs.Sun protection umbrellas with fancy patterns

4. boy®Rain

Rainproof is the common sense for umbrella. This series was built because we made some improvements to the umbrella that are not easy to find, but important.

boy® Rain umbrella series uses ultra-water-spray cloth, which means that the raindrops stays onto the umbrella cloth like the Lotus effect. Raindrops can’t penetrate the umbrella cloth, but  slides off from the surface. When you close the umbrella, as long as you gently shake the handle, umbrella canopy dries in a second. The rain has gone.

For longer mechanic usage, nowadays many umbrellas are manual open and close, but most of them require quite a lot of strength to operate. Our engineers, after repeated experiments, measured a suitable umbrella closing force, and the umbrella could be retracted with as less force as possible.

In addition, our umbrellas have good windproof performance because of the excellent toughness of the ribs and tension springs, which are flexible and strong even being blown over could be flapped in shape easily.

Waterproof umbrella fabric

Guess you’ve already got a clear thought on which series you like. Not the ending yet, boy® got more premium features at your choice.

1. Automatic Umbrella

It is often the case that holding a child's hand, or holding something in hand, you need to open the umbrella with one hand. At this time, it is better to have an automatic umbrella. At some special occasions, automatic umbrella feels really cool.

boy® automatic umbrella is divided into automatic open umbrella and automatic open & close umbrella. We have made meaningful innovations in the field of automatic opening and closing. From the structure of the handle to the strength of the button, it is ergonomic. After repeated tests, our engineer set the appropriate force level to retreat an umbrella. It is easy and comfortable to pull the shaft back.Automatic button, press to open and close an umbrella

2. Windproof Umbrella

Windproof umbrella is relatively technical in nature, in addition to strict requirements on the material of the rib, and also has very strict requirements on the structural design of the umbrella. Windproof can be divided into Wind-resistance (won’t break the structure with canopy facing the direction of the wind ), Ventilation (double umbrella canopies to let go of the air without blending the ribs or canopy), Wind-protection ( even if being blown inside out, the umbrella ribs won’t get damaged and can be recovered in gentle flaps).

boy® windproof umbrella ribs and tension springs are made of extremely tough materials. Wind resistance ability can reach Level 10 ( Level 12 is the highest wind speed ). The good wind protection structural design ensures that even if the umbrella is blown over, won’t be damaged.Sturdy windproof umbrella

3. Large Size Umbrella

The large size we defined is the umbrella opening diameter of 100cm, suitable for two people to use at the same time.

On sunny days, go out for a walk with your lover, or do some parent-child activities with your children. Carry a large umbrella like this promote intimacy.

Or you are accompanied by strong winds when the city is raining. You know, if the umbrella is too small, your trousers will get wet easily. Get a big umbrella from boy®, such wet experience will not happen again.Big coverage men's umbrella

4. Mini Umbrella

The main feature of the mini umbrella is small and portable. The length of the closed umbrella is generally less than 20cm, which can be easily put into a lady's handbag, wallet or even a pocket. It is made of aviation aluminum alloy for ribs and shaft, which is very light and easy to carry around.

Let it stay quietly in your handbag, and when it suddenly rains or sunburns, use it!Travel with mini compact umbrella for rain or shine




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