10 Crucial Facts You Should Always Take An Umbrella When It Rains

10 Facts You Should Always Take An Umbrella When It Rains


Do you like to walk in the rain without an umbrella? Does it really cool or advisable? We made a survey on whether or not to take an umbrella when it rains. Following are some cruel realities told by different people worldwide.

1. Ethan Jennerichfrom Seattle said:

Well it really depends! If on vacation in a nice warm location, then sure! No one wish to ruin a nice mood drenched by rain. If headed to work or when it’s cold out, then I still go without umbrella but will hustle and wear a jacket with a hood! Nothing else to lose for bloody workdays anyway.

Office man drenched by downpour

2. Arata from Tokyo said:

Because I wear glasses, I don’t really enjoy that. In a light rain, otherwise, it would not bother me. In a heavy rain, only large umbrellas could be able to save my life. The wet wrapped feeling of being soaked disgusted me most. Summer downpour much worse for thin clothes on me feels naked without umbrella protection.Man wearing rain blurred glasses forcing out smiles

3. Christopherfrom London said:

When I was about twenty, I met a guy who never carried an umbrella and didn’t even have one. He tried to talk me into walking in the rain without an umbrella. I thought he was cool, so I got rid of my umbrellas too. It was cold and none!

Now as I am turning 30, I bring a compact umbrella wherever I go for rain or sunlight. I easily catch a cold after being soaked. And I’ve tried raincoat, but I hate it for raindrops keep running through my face and blur my eyes, I had to keep my head down all way on the road like a guilty poor abandoned.

In our early age, we purposely search for “Personality” by doing sth we thought cool & different, but actually hurt our health, attracting the crowds to applaud on our distinct doings? No way! We used to love those who was not that into us, but firmly believed that he was the one, we would never met a better person like him.

But as we turned older, we realized that things change. We have to take the best care of ourselves since there are still many dreams waiting for fulfillment, still aging parents to take care… We must love ourselves more than the guy who pushed you into the downpours and messed your period.

You don’t have to show your uniqueness by walking in the rain without an umbrella. That looks fool, for adult-world fills sense, busy and personal in itself. We don’t show our uniqueness since we are unique, shading from the rain with an exquisite umbrella in hand, we keep ourselves to ourselves and more casual and easy steps on the street brings clear thoughts about life and everything. Youth is wonderful, but being soaked is no fun for your health. We all exist for a reason to live longer healthier life. Take an umbrella man!Lady carrying a big umbrella enjoying the rain

4. Bill Flewellingfrom Düsseldorf said:

The only thing worse than walking in the rain without an umbrella, is walking in the rain with an umbrella that isn't keeping me dry.

I hate getting my hair wet anywhere but in the shower.Man trying to protect his haircut with a broken umbrella

5. Duc Le from Mexico City said:

Of course! My girl can stand under my umbrella Like Rihanna. I love to share umbrella with her. Lots of intimacy and chemistry under an big umbrella. The world of two.Couples sharing a lovely moment under one umbrella

6. Pu Ling from Shenzhen said:

Sometimes, only when it’s not pouring outside. If it’s just a drizzle then I’m fine. But seldom drizzles in my city. Have to take an umbrella wherever I go for summer weather changes like crazy.Changeable summer weather

7. Mary Carterfrom Olympia said:

I live in rainy western Washington State. I don’t like walking in the rain unless it’s absolutely necessary, but when I do I prefer a mini umbrella with big coverage than a bulky stick one. I have found old-fashion umbrella is mostly just one more thing to manage and more of an encumbrance than anything else.Mini travel umbrella pink

8. Ambrose E Queen from Paris said:

Yes. I hate to feel the cold water drip down my nose. I think my hair looks messy and disgusting. Especially when I’m wearing really nice clothes or I’m with my friends. Umbrella is a must have for a girl like me. Who want to wear dripping dresses? Women trapped in the heavy rain

9. Helen Storer from Copenhagen said:

Umbrella exist for a reason, why people are getting stupid not using it?


10. Cindy Ng from Singapore said:

Yes, I have many umbrellas especially since they are get prettier with more unique designs. love it every time it rains I can take out one of my beautiful umbrellas, as if I am wearing a brand new designer dress. Awesome!Fancy designer travel umbrella

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